If you would like to join our team and believe you could greatly contribute to MIND with your experience, knowledge, and skills - send us your open application!

While we prioritize internal growth of our teams, we're always open to embracing fresh perspectives and talents from the outside. So seize the opportunity to showcase your unique background and interest!  

Technical Roles

If you're driven by problem-solving and passionate about delivering top-notch support, we offer roles suited to your talents and aspirations. Join our IT Support team and be on the front-line of our technical support, or explore leadership opportunities in our IT Team Management department. Come aboard as an IT Team Lead, where you'll lead by example, coach, and mentor team members to achieve excellence or step into the role of a Support Manager and take care of the bigger picture by overseeing IT Support teams and shaping the development of our IT Technicians. 

If designing, implementing, and maintaining complex environments, systems and networks does not sound daunting to you, our System Engineering team awaits, and if you find yourself at home between lines of code while working on exciting projects, consider applying for our Software Development team.

Client Facing Roles

On the other hand, if you thrive on constant communication and building lasting relationships with clients by offering tailored technological solutions, our Account Management team could be the perfect fit for you. Likewise, if your IT knowledge is enriched by strategic planning and organizational skills, you might be the perfect addition to our Project Management team.  

Back Office Roles

Don't worry if technology isn't your forte—we have positions for you too! If you're passionate about fostering a positive workplace culture or identifying top talents who would love to be a part of that culture, our People Operations team offers opportunities to make a meaningful impact in different ways. Last but not least, our Finance & Administration team is your place to be if you have a sharp eye for detail and if managing numbers and organizing things calm you down!    

Keep in MIND ( 😉 ) that we may have additional departments and teams opening up in the future. If your expertise lies in an area we haven't mentioned, feel free to submit your open application anyway and let us know what you would be interested in! 

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